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Basic Steps on Making Your Own eliquid

Basic Tips:

Take really good notes- Taking notes is extremely important when testing a new flavor and figuring out how much flavoring you need and steeping time, but it can be easy to overlook once you have some more complex juices and start doing changes. It can be very discouraging to make a delicious eliquid and not be able to replicate it again. So always take good notes during the entire process. If you change just a fraction of a percent be sure to write it down.

Begin small- Never start a new recipe batch at more than 5ml-10ml. We all have different taste, finding a good recipe online is great but not everyone's taste is the same. Once you perfect a recipe that you enjoy then you can  make larger batches. This is a common mistake with new juice makers and they end up with large bottles of unvapable eliquid.

Test your samples Without Nicotine - There's no reason to waste your nicotine liquid on a test batch you may not like.  If it turns out well you can add nicotine later.

If You Measure Using Drops - When measuring with drops it a good practice to use the same type of dropper tip whenever possible.  The volume of a "drop" from a pipette, needle tip dropper bottle or a standard dropper bottle can vary a lot.  Even using the same style dropper won't be perfect because the consistency of the various liquids can also change the volume of a drop.  Counting drops will never be as accurate as using a syringe but many find that for DIY projects it's close enough. So keep this in mind when using the drop method in mixing your eliquids.

Have a clean and neat Workstation - Give yourself plenty of room to work on a surface that is easy to clean.  Make it a priority that you're in a well ventilated room if you are working with liquid nicotine.  It's a good practice to have some clean glasses to place your instruments in and some filled with water or alcohol to rinse them.  If you accidentally spill any nicotine, stop and clean it up immediately.  Baby wipes are very handy for cleaning up any spilled PG/VG or flavoring.

Always shake flavoring and nicotine - When adding flavoring, always shake the bottle thoroughly before using.  Some concentrated flavorings have a tendency to separate. Before using liquid nicotine always shake the bottle thoroughly as well. Nicotine can settle. Not mixing can cause unequal nicotine concentrations in your batches.

Don't Use Too Much - Adding too much flavoring can actually diminish flavor. The best practice is to start low and tweak it up slightly until you reach your desired taste. Never start high and work down.

Use tape to Protect Your Syringe - If the markings are printed on your syringe, they can start to fade or wear completely off with use and cleaning.  You can delay this by putting a piece of Scotch tape over the markings.  Another good tip is to use clear nail polish which is probably better if you happen to have some handy.

No More than 24mg - Always cut the nicotine level in your mix to 24mg or less. (Note that some people may need a tad more nicotine than 24mg, but the majority start well below that level). Also keep in mind that drippers and subtanks elevate the nicotine. When vapers advance to these more advanced setups they will need to lower their nicotine.

Nicotine- If you mix your own nicotine solution be sure to remember that mixing your flavors first then adding your (ready-mix) nic base will lower your nicotine content by the same amount of your flavorings. This can also be said for your VG content because most flavorings are PG based. Your ratio of PG to VG will increase by the same percentage of PG based flavorings you use.

Nicotine Testing- If you mix your own nicotine solution be sure to test your nicotine base solutions frequently to ensure your nicotine percentages are accurate. You can test it at 100mg all the way down to 3mg. Just remember to use safety procedures whenever you use any amount of nicotine. You can buy ready made test kits for this purpose. You can buy a kit here.

One of the great things about making your own e-juice is that you know and can control what you put in your e-juice!

Don't use oil based flavorings! Oil based flavors are a big NO NO and should never be vaped.

Don't use any flavoring that contains food coloring.

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