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Terms & Conditions

By ordering Libby's Elixirs™ you declare you have read the following and agree to the terms:

  • By purchasing Libby's Elixirs™ you are declaring that you are 18 or older and able to legally purchase such products.
  • When placing an order, you agree that you are using them at your own risk.
  • When ordering these products, you understand and agree that we do NOT accept returns for any reason unless the product is damaged in shipping.
  •  You understand that Libby's Elixirs™ will not be held liable under any circumstance for any damage or loss caused in any way by any product sold on   this site.
  • All purchases on this site or final and management reserves the right to refuse sales or refunds based on an individual case basis.

All products sold within this site are intended for use only by legal adult vaporizer users over the legal  age of 18. These products are not intended to be used by women who are pregnant or nursing, children, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or people with sensitivities to nicotine, vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol. Also those with certain sensitivities to food flavorings may need to research further before purchasing flavored eliquid. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients listed please discuss these concerns with your physician before using.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the use of  these products is legal within the community or region  you intend to use them in. It is also the purchasers responsibility to use these products in a legal manner at all times.

Nicotine is known to be highly addictive and may be dangerous to your health. Nicotine is also known to be habit forming. Keep out of reach of children and pets. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep nicotine and nicotine products up high and locked away. Always remember that children can climb so keep these products somewhere children cannot access.

Some flavors  or flavor combinations may contain Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acetyl Proprionyl. We make no claims to be Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl free.

These products do contain nicotine, which is a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. These products are not intended to be a smoking cessation product, but rather an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

If you experience any side effects from using these products please discontinue using and consult a physician immediately.

These products have not been approved by the FDA as with any other eliquid or vaping products. Libby's Elixirs™ does not make any claims that these products are intended to prevent or cure any disease, illness, or addiction.

DO NOT INGEST ORALLY! These products are designed to use with a vaporizer and not intended to be ingested orally. Please contact a poison control center if this happens accidentally.

If these products come into contact with your skin please wash with soap and cold water immediately.

If these products spill onto any surface or floor please clean immediately with soap and water to prevent children or pets becoming exposed to these products.


Nicotine can be lethal! It's strength is measured in milligrams per millimeter. For example, a 30ml bottle of eliquid at 3mg would contain 90mg of nicotine per bottle. Each ml in that bottle contains 3mg of nicotine.

Nicotine and its intensity is much more lethal to children and pets. Please take every cautionary measure possible to ensure your nicotine products are never stored in an area where a child or pet could ever reach them. Also take great care to ensure you never leave your nicotine products out where children or pets could find them. It is your responsibility to keep your nicotine and vape products and safe and secure at all times.

Symptoms of nicotine overdose:





Breathing issues

Changes in skin color (pale)


Stomach cramps

Heart palpitations



If you even suspect your child or anyone else has ingested nicotine in any quantity please contact the Poison Control Hotline immediately!

1 800 222 1222

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