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The Truth About Vaping

Unfortunately, the general public is being lied to by the media, health officials, and the government about facts related to vaping. Many pass on misinformation on purpose, while others do it blindly. Some articles report outright lies, while others skew information or leave out pertinent information to make it sound more detrimental. For example, articles circulating around the web generate mass hysteria about the fear of diacetyle in vaping. Although there are traces in some eliquids, the articles completely leave out the fact that the same unit of measurement in cigarettes contain 85 times more than eliquid. These articles also eliminate the fact that even though cigarettes contain a much higher percentage nobody has ever been diagnosed with popcorn lung associated with smoking. These fear mongers also leave out the fact that it was never actually proven that diacetyl actually caused popcorn lung/BO in those workers in the well-known factory case. No further testing was ever done. The initial testing did show other dangerous chemicals present but the officials tested diacetyl first so they ran with it. No other chemicals were tested even though some of those chemicals were highly toxic and found in high quantities. With the lack of real testing any other chemical found in that factory could have been the culprit. We will never really know. What we do know is vaping is approximately 95% or more safer than vaping. 

Sadly, many buy into this hysteria. Some vapers have even quit and went back to the more dangerous habit of smoking. It's important to always correct lies and misinformation. 


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