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Vaping Etiquette


As part of a growing vape community, we feel it is our responsibility to live by a set of standards. We should all respect those who vape and those who choose not to. No matter how safe you feel vaping is, not everyone knows the facts. Try to remember these simple standards when you are out in the general public:

  • Always ask permission when you want to vape inside a business, restaurant or other facility. Never just assume it's ok. Some businesses are fine with vaping if you are being descent with it.
  • Don't vape around other people's children. Maybe you feel it's okay to vape around your own children and that's fine, but never assume other's are fine with you vaping around their kids. All this does is turn people against vaping. Always think before you do something.
  • Discretion is always the best course of action when vaping inside a business. Once you've gotten permission don't assume it's okay to blow massive clouds. The business was nice enough to grant you permission, now respect their other customers and be discreet.
  • Be respectful when talking to smokers about switching. Never use condescending words to get your point across. This does nothing but pushes them away. Of course we want smokers to switch, but we have to realize some smokers aren't ready for that huge step. Remember to always listen first, then respond. A lot of smokers may have wrong information and it's okay to correct that information but use courtesy and kindness.

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